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In the Supervised phase of our program, residents live in group homes.

Trained counselors who are on site 24 hours a day for support and assistance staff these homes. 

A Young Adult Program is also offered to individuals in the 18-25-age range.

Residents who live in the Supervised sites receive counseling, medication management, assistance with cooking and cleaning, food shopping, money management, and participate in rehabilitative activities. Weekly community meetings give residents a chance to take an active role in planning house activities and discuss any concerns they have about the home. The emphasis in this phase is to support the resident in acquiring basic living skills.


The Way Back, Inc. provides case management services with housing.

Supported Housing is, by design, permanent housing and people in our housing program are enjoying the feeling of permanency. Many of the people we serve in our program have been in transitional housing programs and moving "to the next phase" was always part of the plan.

Supported Housing provides the security of permanent housing, the flexibility of independent housing and the support of OMH funded housing in one program.


Residents of the Apartment Treatment Program generally require less staff support than in the Supervised Program. Many of our Apartment Treatment residents lived in the Supervised Program and have gained the skills needed for the Apartment Treatment Program.

Staff visits vary depending on the needs of residents. Usually, counselors visit residents 3- 5 times per week. However, visits can be increased should residents need additional support. All residents have 24 -hour telephone access to staff in the event of an emergency.

The Apartment Treatment program provides residents with the opportunity to live independently, yet still have the benefit of frequent staff support. Residents work on areas needed for independent living such as, symptom and medication management, accessing community resources, and budgeting.

The Way Back's Apartment Treatment locations are situated throughout Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. All provide easy access to public transportation, stores, recreational facilities, and services. All apartments are private homes, which provide individual bedrooms to residents.


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