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 The Way Back, Inc.

 Administrative Offices

 Tel: 631-928-0202 
  Fax: 631-928-4385

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The Way Back, Inc. is, and always has been, committed to compliance with the highest ethical, legal and business standards. As part of our continuing commitment to compliance, we have implemented a thorough Compliance Program, which includes reporting requirements, a Code of Conduct and the Compliance Program Structure and Guidelines. A copy of the Compliance Program Manual is available upon request. 


For compliance related matters:

Contact the Compliance Officer, Kimberly Dilgen, (631) 928-0202 Extension 116 or by email at

Email the “Compliance Hotline” at

Report anonymously to the compliance hotline at (631) 928-0202 Extension 119


Your questions or concerns may be raised anonymously if you prefer. The identity of personnel reporting through the Compliance Hotline will be kept in the strictest confidence, whether requested or not, unless the matter is turned over to law enforcement. 



All applications for mental health housing are submitted through Suffolk County’s Single Point of Access (SPA) at .  A printable application, submission instructions, and contact information for SPA can be found on their website. In addition to the application, a psychiatric evaluation and psycho-social that has been completed within the last two years must be also be submitted.

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